Where I’ve been….

I have been trying to keep up with my blog, letting you know when I’ve been in other places. Unfortunately, I let it slip a bit in the last few weeks.

My dad has been in critical condition for a few months now. He’s faced a couple of life-threatening surgeries, and made it through. Now, his kidneys have begun the process of shutting down. So, I’ve traveled home to Florida the last couple of weekends. Since I moved away, I always enjoy the fact that I’m not known as “Linda Howard’s daughter” any longer. But I have to say, I wish I was closer during this process. I feel like I could be doing so much more if I were there…

Anyways, let me link some of the places I’ve been (in no particular order).

On God Complex Radio, I interviewed Tony Jones on his book The Teaching of the Twelve. Landon Whitsitt interviewed Jonathan Brink.

And speaking of Landon, I just finished the foreword for his book, Open Source Church, which should be coming out next month (I don’t have a link for it yet, but I will soon).

I’ve been over at Duke’s Call and Response leadership blog, talking about Rob Bell and Tall Steeples.

I got back from an amazing week with the RevGalBlogPals’ Big Event. We went on a cruise, my friend. A cruise to Mexico. They hosted a chat about Reframing Hope here. And, coming up this week, Martha Spong will be on GCR.

Also, Alban just sent out a notice that Reframing Hope and Tribal Church are on sale this week. They are celebrating the fact that the book was named to the Academy of Parish Clergy’s top ten list.

With my dad’s situation, I’m not sure what the next couple of weeks will look like, but I’ll try to be around as much as possible. And, if you think about it, I would appreciate your prayers for my family. Thanks…


8 thoughts on “Where I’ve been….

  1. Dear Carol, it is good to hear what you’ve been up to, but I certainly send my prayers your way. I know it’s difficult to watch your father fail. I know what you mean about the distance. When both my parents were going through the process of dying within 6 months of each other, back in West Virginia, I tried to get up there to visit at least once a month for their last year or so. Those were some blessed times, but certainly took a toll. Peace to you, dear sister! And to your whole family.

  2. Linda Howard’s daughter? I was always Carol Howard’s mother! Thank you to everyone who is praying. You have not idea how much it means to Carol Howard Merritt’s mother and father.

  3. CHM,

    I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how the Emergent church is mostly post-evangelicals who are seeking new ways of being church, but who are also suspicious of the institutionalized church and are also mostly men.

    Could it be that the distaste for institutions is a form of sexism? The church is often personified as a “she”. Also, institutions often act in a feminine way — they use soft-power (rules and regulations) to protect their members and to create an even playing field. They are incarnation creatures.

    We often hear about male privilege. Institutions limit our (male) privilege and our (male) freedom. Are we not like little boys, seeking to cut the apron strings? Yet when we truly grow up to become men realize that we need institutions (such as marriage and family) to bring fullness to life, even as these institutions limit our freedom.

    A friend once told me that one of the great challenges of the church today is to teach our culture the value on institutions.

    Just a thought.

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