If Walls Could Talk

Slowing down for a stoplight on a main street in Bethesda, Maryland, I immediately see the new signs for St. Luke’s Episcopal Church where David Wacaster serves as the Assistant Rector. While driving into the parking lot, I hear the loud buzzing of renovation. The smell of sawdust lingers in the brisk air as I greet my friend.

I am visiting David because of my interest in what our church buildings say to our communities and particularly to adults under the age of forty. Our congregations teach and preach explicit messages when we gather for worship and Christian education, but we also communicate implicitly with our physical spaces. In other words, our walls talk.

(To read the rest, visit Evangelism Connections)


One thought on “If Walls Could Talk

  1. I really appreciate you linking to the EC site, Carol. I strongly suspect that you’re going to bring more eyes (and comments) to the EC site than EC will bring to you. Here’s hoping that results in a surge of fresh perspectives, progressive voices and a revival of EC’s focus.



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