Episode One is UP!

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We just released the first episode of the new season for God Complex Radio! Bruce Reyes-Chow and I have conversations with Brian McLaren, Abby King Kaiser, and Fritz Gutwein.

Please, take a listen and tell us what you think. Bruce, Landon, and I are really excited about it.


7 thoughts on “Episode One is UP!

  1. I have a personal connection to Piper. I went on a summer mission trip with his son, Kevin, who was a wonderful person when he was 13. It was on that same trip where I met my husband and one of my life-long friends.

    Other than that, I wouldn’t interview John Piper. I find him to be quite toxic to my friends, and to people like me. He believes in gender complimentarianism, and that women should “turn off the television and think about complementing a man’s life as his wife.” He has a list of approved career choices for women. He does not believe that women should be pastors or elders.

    Why would I chat with a man who despises who God has called me to be? Why would you want to hear him?

    I’m not sure that you can appreciate the pain that this sort of teaching causes, but it is immense and devastating. I didn’t believe that “separate but equal” nonsense when they were using it against African-American children at school, and I certainly don’t believe “equal but different” when it comes to women. We are made in the image of God. And discrimination in the name of God makes me nauseous.

    You know, I don’t mind getting the occasional snake bite, but I don’t go looking to play with snakes either.

  2. Really liked the first Godcomplex Radio show and Bruce’s discussion with Brian McLaren.

    Was a bit surprised by interview at beginning with Abby King Kaiser as this had not been mentioned in your publicity (or at least I had not noticed it being mentioned), but the interview with her was great — her comments reminded me of recent workshop I attended that emphasized the importance of using visual arts in worship. I think the church needs more pastors with her artistic skills.

    I also really enjoyed Fritz Gutwein’s insights on Haitian history and his insights on present day issues, especially in light of earthquake’s destruction.

    Looking forward to your interview of John Shelby Spong this coming Friday, Jan.29.

    I appreciate your comments on John Piper above. His ideas drag us backward into the uglier parts of our history.


    (an aside on artists and churches – see Christian Century Jan. 26, 2010, p 12 Century News: Seminary: Not just for pastors – features artist going to seminary rather than art school to seek fresh inspiration for her work.)

  3. Janet,

    Abby’s fantastic. A wonderful artist. I hope that she continues to be able to use her art in worship and teaching…

    And, of course, Fritz is doing wonderful work in Haiti.

    Part of the new format is that we will have some more voices on the show. It’s nice.

    Thanks for the CC references. I’ll look them up!

  4. Carol,
    I just came back from the APCE annual event….great fun, and very worshipful……we had two great speakers. i would like to first suggest

    1. Rev. Mike Lindvall (NY) – he did a very good workshop on orthodoxy, and he is a VERY good story teller….has written a couple of books on his stories. Comes across as a Presbyterian Garrison Keoller

    2.Rev. Carol Pratt Keyes – I am sure you know here, and maybe have interiewed here….I hoping she is up for MODERATOR soon. Insightful, empathedic, spiritual Visionary…..I like her

    Just a couple of thoughts…..Buzz

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