Children’s Communion

This is the liturgy that we use when children celebrate communion:

You can begin by introducing yourself to the children, and by letting them tell you their names. You may say something like, “In the church, Communion is a special meal that we share together, just like Jesus and the disciples did. People in our church are sharing it, people in churches all over the city are sharing it, and people all over the world are sharing this same meal. We begin Communion by praying and telling God what we’re thankful for.”

Let’s pray.

God, we are thankful that you created us,
And that you love us,
Like a friend,
Like a dad,
And like a mom.

We are thankful that Jesus was born
And showed us how to live,
As he fed the hungry,
Cared for the sick,
And ate with his friends.

We are thankful for the Holy Spirit who moves around us like the wind
And helps us to love each other,
By being kind to one another,
By saying nice words to each other,
And by making sure everyone has what they need.

Now, boys and girls, can you tell us what you are thankful for this morning?
(Let them name things, you and the teacher can name things as well)

(When everyone is done, you can show the children the bread and juice)

When we eat this bread and drink this juice,
We remember the night before Jesus died.

He gathered with his friends,
And he took the bread, broke it, and shared it, saying,
“This is my body, broken for you, remember me when you eat it.”

(Pass the bread to the teacher first so the children can see what’s going to happen. The teacher can eat the bread as you say, “[Name], this is the bread of life.” Then give a piece of bread each child, saying “[Name] this is the bread of life.”)

He also took the cup saying,
“This cup is like a new promise, sealed in my blood, when you drink it, remember me.”
(Pass the juice to the teacher and each child, saying, “[Name], this is the cup of new promise.”)

Pray: Thank you God for (you can name the things that the children mentioned) and thank you for these boys and girls. Now that we have shared this special meal together, help us to become more like Jesus. Amen.


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