Sowing and Reaping


Here’s my sermon from Sunday morning. So what’s best? posting the audio or the manuscript? I guess I’ll check the stats and see what gets the most traffic.

Our sermons can be found on iTunes, by searching “The Progressive Christian Voice.” Most of the sermons are John Wimberly’s, because I’m not good at the details… meaning… I stink at making sure that little stick is plugged into iRecord on Sunday morning….

I preached on the Lectionary passage, which was various verses in Esther, but I just incorporated the whole story. Because, it’s such a good story.,videoFile:%27,initialScale:%27scale%27,controlBarBackgroundColor:%270×778899%27,autoBuffering:false,loop:false,autoPlay:false

3 thoughts on “Sowing and Reaping

  1. Yeah. Since this is the only time in the 3-year lectionary cycle that Esther is used, you pretty much HAVE to do the whole story to even give the verses used in the reading justice (or, as so many churches no doubt do, ignore the book altogether!).

  2. (Oh, since you asked. I prefer text. I tend not to be able to get through multimedia files as readily. I can do text during off-times as work. I’ve tried to make an exception for The God Complex podcast, but I’m falling into a pattern of listening to those nearly a week late!)

  3. When I read blogs, I like the manuscript because I may be somewhere where I can’t listen to the audio. Also, I can read the text faster than I can listen to the same sermon in real time.
    Thanks for sharing though.

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