The study of theopoetics fascinates me. Scott Kinder-Pyle first introduced me to the word, although as a lover of literature, poetry, and God, the idea has always compelled me.

In exploration of this idea, I am hosting a conversation with two wonderful Poets on God Complex Radio today.

Ted Kooser is a National Poet Laureate, and the winner of the Pulitzer Prize in Literature. My husband knew him before he was famous (or at least before he was famous outside of Lincoln, Nebraska). He was Brian’s poetry professor, and his instruction had a great affect on the way that we preach and write. I owe him a great debt for that.

Nancy Arbuthnot is a poetry professor at the US Naval Academy. Her talent as a writer is matched only by her gifts as a teacher. She teaches poetry at Miriam’s Kitchen and Calvary Women’s Services. She teaches children, teenagers, and adults. And, she is going to teach us some techniques as well.

Join us live, today at noon (EDT) if you can. If you are not able to be there live, you can pick up the download by clicking on the BlogTalkRadio box on the right-hand side of this blog.


3 thoughts on “Theopoetic

  1. Carol,

    I am always glad to see others picking up on theopoetic themes. If you have not come across my website:

    you may be interested in the content I host there.

    Additionally, I’m in the midst of beginning my own podcast work via a webshow that I’m calling Living in Language, here:

    If you ever have any further questions on theopoetics or related topics, please feel free to ask. I love this work and love being engaged in it.


    Callid Keefe-Perry

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