Diana Butler Bass on The God Complex


That’s right. Diana Butler Bass will be joining Bruce Reyes-Chow and me on the God Complex Radio Show this Monday. Diana is a public thinker whose work is prolific, accessible, and vitally important to our faith. The music will be by The Church of the Beloved.


(1) Buy the book. (Amazon’s got it on a great sale right now.) Her latest release is A People’s History of Christianity. You know how people say, “I want to join your church, but I just can’t get over all of the terrible things that religion has done”? And you try to explain all of the really wonderful things that the church has done–how Christianity has often been on the forefront of so many movements of justice. Well… now you can add a book to your conversation. I’ll review it later, but Diana clearly points out the strong rivers of of vitality, life and justice that have been flowing through our faith since its inception.

(2) Listen to the program. If you can make it on Monday, at noon, that may be the best time to listen. It’s more interactive that way. Some churches/campuses set up listening parties. You can ask questions in the chat room, and we usually take a caller or two at the end of the show (646-595-4385). Here are the direction for listening (it’s not hard…).

(3) Download the program. If you can’t listen to it on Monday, you can download it later. Again, the directions are here.

(4) Get a magnet. If you have an active imagination, request a God Complex magnet at Brian (at) godcomplexradio (dot) com. The only thing that we ask is that you take a picture of the magnet somewhere and send it back to us. It’s always fun to see where that magnet has been.


3 thoughts on “Diana Butler Bass on The God Complex

  1. In a bit of self-promotion, if you want to get a little info on Diana’s book, read my review in the most recent issue of the Christian Century! It’s a positive one. Sounds like an interesting conversation you’ll be having.

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