Alban Webinar


I’m doing a Webinar for Alban, coming up. Alban’s taking many of the shifts in clergy education, publishing, and culture seriously. And it’s fun to be a part of this organization that’s constantly thinking about how they can serve the church, and use every available means of communication to make us more effective leaders. I’ve been a part of a couple of educational initiatives where they have been quite innovative in their approach.

First, I spent a couple of days at the Sacred Practice of Leadership Series. The design of the events are so that the participants not only learn about the practices, but they have a chance to develop and reflect on the disciplines, as they form an ongoing community with each other. The first series is in Wisconsin and Iowa geared toward all of those people who have to travel to the east or west coasts for educational events.

Depending on how the series goes, they may have more, regional events. Judging from our time together, I think it will be a very effective model for sustained nurture and growth for church leaders.

While Alban is developing this long-term series for community-building and in-depth learning, they are also thinking about creative ways to allow pastors and churches who are on tight budgets and time schedules to continue their educations.

Webinars are a wonderful way to do this. They have a series of Alban authors, consultants, and guests who present their materials in a power point format. I’ve tuned into them, they’re really easy. You use your phone to hear what is being said, and your computer screen to see what’s being said. You can also watch the recorded presentation with your church later.

Of course, you don’t get the depth of interaction that you would get from attending a conference, but when you need the information, and you don’t have the time to travel and you would like an easy way to share the information you learned with your congregation, it is a wonderful way in which we can use technology to get the knowledge, without all of the expense.

So… for those who have told me, “I wish that more of my church leadership could have heard what you said,” this is your chance. I’m doing the Webinar on May 21. You can register here.

The photo is of Sinsinawa, where the SPLS event took place. It’s by my favorite Flickr photographer, Jim Bonewald. He also created most of the photos on the Webinar.


4 thoughts on “Alban Webinar

  1. I think the Webinar is an excellent way to do continuing education.

    I have been part of master’s defenses through a similar setup using a program called Web-X. At the University of Cincinnati there is a MEd special program for practicing physicians who are also instructors in their practices and places of work (e.g. teaching residents in hospitals).

    I receive the final research thesis a couple of weeks before the defense. At the defense there are usually 4 of us online with our phones connected to a special site for which we have received the telephone number; the student (physician) uses power point to illustrate her/his research which we see on our computer screens; we (the committee) ask questions and decide the outcome. We are spread all over the country but can communicate like we were in the same room. It works very well.

    I think this sort of online instruction is an important part of our educational future.

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