What do you want to hear?


So, Bruce Reyes-Chow, a blogger, West Coast pastor and the Moderator of the General Assembly of the PC(USA), and I will be co-hosting an Internet Radio Show starting on May 4. We’ll be reflecting on faith, culture, politics, and life.

I’ll keep you updated with more information, in the next couple of weeks. But… right now… Landon Whitsitt, our amazing producer, is gathering topics.

So, what would you want to hear about? Or, what sort of things do you want the larger church to hear about? Topics, anyone?

13 thoughts on “What do you want to hear?

  1. I want to hear real dialogue, where we come out of our respective echo chambers and start actually trying to understand one another.
    No one seems to believe that that’s possible anymore. It would be nice to see that it is. Starting points: Bill Bishop’s book on The Big Sort (Michael Kruse has blogged about it, and would be a good conversation). Attack the disease, please?

  2. Shawn,

    That sounds great. I am thinking of environmentalism. As a broad topic, we basically understand it. But, how are churches specifically making a difference? Urban churches are starting farmer’s markets. Suburban churches are planting gardens. What are people doing in their homes, beyond turning off the faucet when they brush their teeth?

  3. Factions have always existed– what threatens us, not just Christians but Americans, is the growing inability to understand those who disagree with us– and this medium so far is not very helpful. You two could be part of changing that.
    So, the base disease (sin) is our factions– that’s already been solved– Jesus said,it’s finished. How about finding conservatives/points of view/inflection points, like Bill Bishop’s book, that push that reality into the internet?

  4. Clay’s Comment about factions raises another issue, namely pluralism. What does it mean to live in an increasingly pluralistic society. Even in the small city (40,000) in which I live, the school district reports that there are 27 different distinct nationalities represented. Which implies that there are different religious ideas, not to mention the latests statistics about the increasing numbers of unaffiliated.

    So I guess that would be: 1. pluralism generally; 2. religious pluralism; 3. living in an increasingly unaffiliated culture and for good measure 4. how do we as Christians relate-evangelize-share the gospel in such a context?

  5. OK, well hang me up to dry, but I believe the greatest gift this show can give us is the “Relevency Reflections” that are going on all around us. I would hope this would be a commentary/open discussion on current theological issues/trends. (i.e. Miss USA pageant contestant speaks out about her true views, yet she is raked over the coals; is she Presbyterian? Christian?….invite her to comment on what comes out of a relevent conversation like this). looking forward to it.

    “Views from the Pews”

  6. I love your radio blogs with Bruce Reyes-Chow.

    I missed the one last week where you had call-in questions. But I have downloaded them to iTunes and have enjoyed listening to them. Keep up the issues coming! It is such fun and also enlightening to hear you and Bruce and your guests talk.
    May 30, 2009

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