Sacred Practices Leadership Series

I’m learning a lot about different continuing education formats. The most challenging format: having one keynote and  50 workshops of really dynamic people. Then, we have to choose one, when we really want to go to ten of them. Another difficulty: having a pep rally experience, where we go, hear a speaker, get all pumped up, and then leave with nothing. 

Of course, some of the most important things to come out of these event are the lasting relationships and a vision for effective change in our congregations. 

I’m going to be helping to lead this series that has taken these challenges into account. They have designed a wonderful course with amazing leadership (which sounds really bad after I just said I was helping to lead it… but seriously, check out this list). There are a lot of leaders in missional thinking and spiritual practice. 

The participants will be meeting for six three-day workshops over the course of two years. Each workshop will focus on a sacred practice (visioning, discernment, relationship, prayer, proclaiming and interpreting Scripture). Our time together will be marked with practice and interactions.

The information can be found here. I just found out that there are still some spots available.


3 thoughts on “Sacred Practices Leadership Series

  1. One of my cohorts in graduate school called this “faux motivation.” One possible solution to the pep rally experience is to have participants identify one concrete action they can take upon arriving back at “home base,” creating a deadline, and suggesting an outcome as a result before leaving the “pep rally.”

  2. Hi Carol, just discovered your blog via the YAM-Jam page. I pastor First Presbyterian Church, Boyne City, Michigan. Looking forward to meeting you.

    What’s happening with the “Sacred Practices Leadership Series”? I would love to participate but the links are down. Can’t find anything on Alban’s page either.

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