Just a little question for the ‘nets

Alright… so imagine you’re the average person. Not someone with years of theological training under your belt. You go to church occasionally. And you hear the words “Kingdom of God.” What does it sound like in your ears?

8 thoughts on “Just a little question for the ‘nets

  1. Yeah, the thing is, I love the KoG idea. It’s moves all over my thought and practice. But, the word “kingdom” in a time and place where democracy is valued, comes off as patriarchal, dominant. I have heard “reign of God” which is a bit better.

    Is there any way to be true to the concept, but translate it better in worship?

  2. I often wonder though if reign of God sounds like “rain of God” to someone who has no idea what we’re talking about.

    I use kingdom – and Lord – only if I have time to explain them – that they mean that Caesar is not Lord, Jesus is, that no earthly king rules us – only God does.

    I have also used kindom – again that only really works if you explain what you’re talking about though.

    McLaren has an article somewhere that I can’t find online with other images – the dance of God, the dream of God, the party of God, the revolution of God, the network of God, the mission of God. All are helpful – nothing quite replaces kingdom – but I’m not sure that’s needed – it just needs adding/explaining in the poetry of liturgy.

  3. I think there are enough allusions to kingdoms in popular literature and movies (Lord of the Rings, Narnia, etc) for the average person to have a very good idea of what a kingdom is.
    I think the problem is that a first time church goer might hear the words kingdom of God, realize that God’s kingdom is to be radically different from the world’s kingdom, take a look at the church, shake their head and walk out!

  4. I love the image of God’s movement. Movement recalls the creation imagery of the Spirit of YHWH brooding across the chaos, to emerge an order that surpasses all previously imagined scenarios in its utter magnificence and meaning.

    A movement that brings everything into right relationship… a movement that truly liberates. A movement that invites us into worlds of relationships unimaginable in their richness and diversity, yet in which infinite unity pervades holding all together… a movement that is the esse and at the heart of community, communion and promise…

    Movement suits the traditional ‘marks of the church’ as identified in the Creeds – united (One), scared, transcend and mystical (Holy), universal (catholic) and sent – apostolic. I suggest that these are not static or linear but in a dynamic relationship – a movement no less.

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