A random and scattered assortment of thoughts as I rush out

I just got back from doing a conference in Los Angeles, and now I need to go to North Carolina for a wedding. The cutest couple in the world is getting married tomorrow. And then, somehow, I’ll need to get back for Sunday morning.

Sunday afternoon is Karen’s funeral. The pastor-types are getting pedicures—with gold nail polish—in her honor. Which, if you knew Karen, is a perfect tribute. It’s got a back-story which won’t make much sense. But… I’ll tell you this much… it’s a warrior’s pedicure.

I’ve never had a pedicure in my life. Perhaps it’s time for me to start. But I won’t be able to get one before Sunday. Unfortunately.

Here are some very strange realities about pastoring:

If you over-schedule your week, then you’re bound to have a few extra emergencies on top of it.

Sometimes you preach a sermon on Sunday that you need to hear the rest of the week. I never expect the Holy Spirit to work that way, but it’s often true.

As a pastor, you walk through the greatest joys of life and the deepest sorrows, all in a few days.

After a few years, wedding and funerals become easier to do. But on an emotional level, funerals are still difficult. Which is good. It’s important to keep feeling things. Some pastors will tell you that the sorrow’s not as deep as the years go on. That you’ll become comfortably numb. But that never works for me.

Alright. I’m out. More later.

2 thoughts on “A random and scattered assortment of thoughts as I rush out

  1. At least for me, as the years go by, the sorrow gets deeper. The weight of being intimately enmeshed in other people’s problems and sorrow, day after day, decade after decade, is the most challenging load we carry.

  2. I may be a fool. I would nothing more than to walk with folks as they wrestle with life and its harsh and not so harsh moments. Perhaps I will say differently in a few years. I believe it to be a beautiful call on ones life to walk with others.

    Imagine if we all prayed for you and your family, your friends, your congregation and all of those that are blessed by this site. Imagine if we stopped fronting with BS existence and valued the depth of intimate and faith filled relationships with others. Imagine that community meant more than commodity. Imagine a place where Christ intersects the hurting, the lost. Sisters & brothers let us dwell in that place.

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