Let’s get ready to rumble!

Dobson vs. Obama

Am I reading this right? Can we conclude that Dobson thinks that appealing to the Sermon on the Mount is the “lowest common denominator of morality”?

3 thoughts on “Let’s get ready to rumble!

  1. I really enjoy this blog site, Carol. Some will know that I am an Australian. Unlike the emancipated people of your nation, I do not get to vote for a President. However, like so many others worldwide, I watch, listen and wait to see how the citizens of your nation will vote at this forthcoming election.

    I have read a great deal of Barack Obama’s writing. Recently, while driving across several of your beautiful States, a colleague I listened to Obama read his books.

    Thanks to your blog Carol, I have been able to read Barrack Obama’s Speech, (which is much like the chapter on Faith is his book, actually), and the Washington Post’s article by Peter Wehner.

    For what seems like a lifetime, James Dobson’s books have been available in Australia. They are read and promoted by the very conservative churches.

    One observation I offer is that for the voters of the US this is the most important election of a President since WWII. Bear in mind that whomever your electorate elects, the whole world gets to live the policies and behaviors of that person.

    Most evenings, our Australian TV news items and newspapers include at least one mention of the US president or presidency in action. Our nation’s politics are both influenced by and impacted by the policies of the US President. It is part of the price of alliance.

    Well, ever since Kennedy, US Presidents have been a rather mediocre lot. From afar, or perhaps not so far, they have been notable for conversativism, lack of intellectual rigor, selling out to selected interests and timidity on matters of principle. War has dogged each and every one. Failures in monetary policy, care for the most vulnerable people of the US society, failure to think and act globally… the list of failures is indeed spectacular.

    The overwhelming image one has gained about the USA’s capacity to reinvent itself as a nation is that fear is an essential element for the USA to fuel its character. Fear, and the need to have an enemy. Sometimes it seems that the USA political machines can only imagine their corner or the world in opposition to some other nation.

    Evangelical Christians, or perhaps more the fundamentalists, seem to be prepared to gladly swap a robust democracy for theocracy. They appear, from their own ranting in magazines, on websites and in the press, as well as in the reports of the same, to prefer prejudice and religious dogma over against scholarship, and considered, principled thought. They have become adept at manipulating the twin themes of ‘fear’ and ‘enemy’. Their presumptive behavior is truly breathtaking! We might be forgiven for believing that God is being created in their image.

    Having read and listened to Dobson and Obama, I am clear about which of the two will bring greater hope, more extravagant compassion, and issue extraordinary liberty to the people of the US. It is not Dobson and his ilk.

    So, American Christians, Listen up! This election is not about you. Well, at the very least, it’s not only about you. For God’s sake, take a global perspective. You vote. We – the rest of the world – get to live with the result. Whichever name human beings use to name God, or to move beyond theism, will the One be truly honored or… ?

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