Way to go, Mr. Moderator!

Bruce Reyes-Chow did it! The new Moderator of the PCUSA. I am thrilled for the church to have such an innovative and insightful leader.

6/23 edit… looking at the search results, I guess a lot of people are pillaging for Reyes-Chow news. Here are some other posts related to him:

Ten minutes with Bruce
Picking Bruce’s brain
Conversations with the candidates
YA for GA


6 thoughts on “Way to go, Mr. Moderator!

  1. Whoohoo! So many talented people here at the GA worked for his election. It was a pleasure to be behind such a talented person Bruce will be a great moderator for our church. I miss you.

  2. Yeah, he said, “I guess I won’t give up on the Presbyterians this year.”

    I saw your picture on facebook, the lead one with you looking up into the air. And I wrote a comment about you either watching flies or striking the “visionary man” pose. Something rude and sarcastic. And then (hours later) I realized it wasn’t your page! It was the GA page. So I deleted it.

    I’ve got to remember to be a grownup on the denomination page.

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