A new model for continuing education?

I was in Crete, Nebraska this week, doing a workshop for a group of pastors out there. Other than some weather worries, and missing a connecting flight, it was a great trip. This group has had some great scholars and wonderful authors come to speak. Sometimes they coordinate it with Doane College or they get grant money. But they have a tradition of bringing in people that they are interested in.

It makes a lot of sense. Instead of 12 people spending a whole load of money to fly out of Nebraska, they fly one person in. Of course, you don’t get to go to an exotic location or meet other clergy, but I imagine this would be a good model for pastor parents who can’t leave their kids, or other people in rural or isolated calls.

The photo’s of the Torn Notebook, a great sculpture by Claes Oldenburg outside of UNL.

3 thoughts on “A new model for continuing education?

  1. This is certainly how we do our annual clergy conference. We’ve had folks from the national (Episcopal) church, and maybe 3 years ago we had Barbara Crafton. Yep, cheaper to fly one person in, and even house and feed the clergy, than to pay for even a few to go elsewhere.

  2. Another thing was that I could tailor my message to their specific context, which I wouldn’t have done at a conference.

    When I was serving a church in South Louisiana, I never went to conferences, because my con ed money couldn’t cover the cost of flying from there. I wish I would have thought about doing it that way.

  3. I think this is a good idea, too. And a lot of clergy with small children don’t take continuing education that they desperately need, for these kinds of reasons.

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