My blog is a year old this week. This is my 300th post. It has been a really fun hobby, and I’ve gotten to know so many interesting people, both through the comments and through side emails. It’s been fascinating to watch how traditional publishing is dancing with this relatively new medium.

I have used it several times to get important feedback on articles that I’m working on (of course, I ask permission and quote when I use your stuff). But the most of all, I have realized how much a community can blossom over the nets. The nasty comments are rare. The only mean ones that I usually get are from weird flickr photographers who somehow didn’t realize that it’s a photo share site. Which means I can use them. But that’s only happened a couple of times.

Thank you all for reading and for making the discussions so entertaining. At the risk of sounding really self-important and ridiculous, here’s a year in review.

The one with the most views and the most comments:

Is anyone else getting tired of the Layman? Question answered.

The ones with the funniest comments:

A fair shake 

Anyone? Anyone?

The most interesting discussions:

Is there a u in sermon?

You(th) on facebook

Form and function

Making tents or making tension?

And other thoughts on the emerging church:

Mixed emotions and the emerging church  and The emerging church.

One that always gets frequent hits, and I don’t know why.

Dear Servant,

The one with the most helpful comments:

Because I could not stop for death 

The ones that will probably be rewritten and submitted elsewhere:

Bearing God 

Thinking about things way too much 

Race, religion, and politics  

I have several pans in the proverbial fire right now. In the biggest pan is another book that I am writing for Alban. It’s due in the fall, so, I’ll be blogging less frequently in the summer months.

But again, thanks. I really appreciate you reading and engaging on such a thoughtful level. 

photo’s by Icing Dreams


9 thoughts on “Blogiversary

  1. I am often surprised to hear of someone’s first blogiversary. When I find a blog it always seems like they’ve been blogging forever…

    you have a fabulous blog. i’m grateful you took this up a year ago.

    happy blogiversary!

  2. Congrats on a year! I have assumed that it’s a “i” in Blogiversary. Hmm.

    As for meme, I have always pronounced it like “meem”

    I missed mine this year, but it’s partly because now I have to keep two of them going. I’ve spent more time than I probably should blogging.

    Keep on writing!

  3. Wow, what a year. I remember when the blog was just born. It looked so cute with its little booties on. Now it is one year old and is growing up so fast. You know that I cherish everything that you write.

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