Too much into twitter?

I joined Twitter, which is a site where you post what you’re doing in 140 characters or less and get a running stream of what other people are doing. Kind of like a facebook status. In fact, a lot like FB. The posts can be updated on the computer or cell phones. Through it, I read the quick memos from people. Minute details of daily life.

And through it, I cannot help but sense that there is a bit of testimony happening. People are talking about their most mundane frustrations and greatest celebrations in this tiny frame, and their story forms throughout the disjointed updates. They intersect with others. They are the small narratives that make up the totality of our lives. I read everything from poopy diapers, to difficult dissertations, to family deaths, to weddings on those quick updates. 

I wonder about it. I have an eternally optimistic view of technology (a by-product of growing up as the daughter of a NASA scientist/inventor, I think). I’m not a person who thinks that facebook and blogs are all about a narcissistic cyber-addiction. A need for constant publishing and feedback. I think these things are fascinating developments… small postcards that I pick up a couple times a day. A one-sentence glimpse into another person’s world. In a culture fixated on celebrity, they let us in on a bit of the ordinary. There are some people I don’t even know, and yet I have a pretty good idea about their everyday from following them (ahem… “following” is twitter’s term, not mine). I see how different lives connect.  

Or maybe I’m just reading too much into twitter.

photo’s by Nate


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