How cool is this?

Okay, so I know I brag about our church a lot…but check this out! Anneliesa’s a member of our congregation. What a beautiful way to start a life together. Here’s what the Washington Post had to say:

In this era of matrimonial excess, many couples spare no expense to create lavish, traffic-stopping celebrations. They arrive in stretch limos, Hummer stretch limos, even horse-drawn carriages.

But newlyweds Anneliesa Clump and Scott Alprin found a way to turn heads yesterday for $1.65 a guest: They took the Metro, at the height of rush hour, to their reception.

“Weddings get so kind of out of hand,” said Clump, 35, a project coordinator at Georgetown University who lives in Cleveland Park. “We’re city people, we take Metro everywhere. It just kinda made sense. . . . You know, no fuss.”

May God bless you two!


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