Back to the drawing board


Presbymergent’s still looking for logos.

Zachary Wilson imagined an upside down PCUSA seal, pouring out. I kept thinking about the image, so I made a flipbook here. And, of course, I was inspired by John Austin’s great tune, “Heaven’s on the Inside.”

You might have to do it twice, for some reason the drawings aren’t showing up the first time.

What do you think? Anybody want to make a logo out of it? If you do, you’ll have full bragging rights, plus party prizes. If anything comes out of it, I can smooth out the animation…. Any other ideas? The logo stew is simmering…


10 thoughts on “Back to the drawing board

  1. I love Simon! One of the greatest things about having a kid is that you get to read all that stuff again.

    The kids in my last church used to make flip books on the attendance record pads during the sermon. I loved picking them up and seeing what they came up with each week.

    We’re moving on to claymation next…

  2. Thanks, Dannah. Your design inspired me.

    Flipbook Recipe:

    Take a stack of thin white paper.
    Draw a design on the last piece.
    Put a piece of paper over the last piece, and trace that design, with some variation.


    Then I scanned the paper, and used garage band to put it on a podcast.

  3. I’m impressed — and from a much older school than any of you! (Way back in the last century.) I especially liked the Spirit “pouring out” into something new. How do you capture that movement on a T-shirt?

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