Up and coming


So, I promise that this won’t become a blog that only exists to promote my next thing.

And–having said that–(ahem) here’s my next thing.

On April 30, ‘m leading a webinar for Alban. I’ve never led one before (anyone out there have any pointers?). But, here’s the deal. It’s pretty cheap (39 bucks). And low commitment. You don’t have to travel anywhere. You can sit on your rear, as long as you’re near a phone and a computer. I’m not sure how interactive it is, but I do know that participants can email questions. It’s an hour long, and at the end of it, you get slides and audio. So, it sounds like you’d be able to turn around and use it for your own church program. I’m working on it…. It should be pretty good. If you want to register, here’s the link.

I’m registered for the Winning Grants Webinar, because who doesn’t want to know how to win grants? Also, I’m hoping to get an idea of how the whole web/seminar works.

I’ll let you know what I think, both as a participant and as a leader.

Also, if you’re in the D.C. area on May 17, I’m leading a workshop with Elizabeth Mitchell Clement and James Goodman of The Fund for Theological Education, entitled “A Communion of Tribes: Congregations and Gifts in Ministry with Young Adults.” The cost is $75 for two people, $85 for three. And that includes breakfast, lunch, and a book.

As many of you know, The Fund helps young seminarians explore a call into ministry. But, they’ve also begun nurturing calling congregations. In other words, they’re interested in creating a culture in our churches that recognizes young leadership and develops it. They’re studying different faith communities right now, trying to perceive how we can be intentional about forming a new generation of leaders. It’s very exciting work.

You can register for the workshop here. Wha? Wait just a second… is that Adam Walker Cleaveland, looking studious on that header? I do believe it is.

If you’ve got any questions, feel free to leave a comment or email me at teammerritt (at) mac (dot) com.


9 thoughts on “Up and coming

  1. Thanks, Ivy!

    Scholarships for May 17? I could get some money for the seminar cost, but unfortunately, I don’t think there’s travel money. I can check…

    But, we’re thinking about doing the same workshop in Austin soon. You think you’ll still be there?

  2. I have a travel voucher for AA I could use.., I had dinner with Jim from FTE tonight. He is excited about the conference.

    I think we will be in Louisville, Austin is still in the mix until Tuesday or Wednesday.

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