Our prayers are with you


I got an email from Ann Herlin today, telling me what the Austin Seminary radicals are up to. They’re commemorating the 4000th soldier killed in Iraq. But not just in Iraq:

“Elsewhere in the world we have seen, and are seeing, similar evils unfold in Beirut, Tibet, Sderot, Columbia, El Salvador and Nicaragua, Gaza, Virginia Tech University, Jerusalem, Helmand, Kosovo, Darfur, the Congo and Rwanda, and on and on. The human capacity to warrant the shattering of individuals and communities seems to be endless.

And so we erect crosses, for us Christians a sign of immeasurable evil, and inexhaustible hope. It is also a call, at a minimum, to witness to the suffering of the world, place by place, people by people. Having witnessed, the greater call is to respond with what power and skills God has placed in our hands, to be instruments of peace.”

–Whit Bodman


One thought on “Our prayers are with you

  1. A certain member of the folks in Trull told me, “This is powerful. I am glad it went up.” I wish there was a way they could make it a permanent display.

    I pray we sit in the discomfort of suffering in this world as we seek to understand Gods call in our lives.

    Wonderful Counselor, Who weeps in our midst.
    Grant us your vision, so that we may look upon your creation with your eyes. In order that we may dare hold in our hearts your will on earth as it is in heaven.
    Deliver us from the insatiable need for division.
    Grant us hope and peace.
    Fashion us a people which respond to the suffering around us with Your compassion, kindness, and love.
    Let us no longer witness this world in “us” and “them”. Rather open our eyes to the kinship in Christ Jesus our Lord and savior, in whose name we pray.

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