Tax time


I’m writing my sermon. But, my pile of receipts is taunting me. I have to start sorting, adding, and pulling my hair out soon.

IRS time became a whole lot easier when I started using Turbo Tax. And at least Easter didn’t fall on April 15 this year….

Any other suggestions for tax time sanity?

14 thoughts on “Tax time

  1. I’m still a novice at these things, by HR Block online saved us big. I put everything in Turbo Tax but had some questions so tried the HR Block option–you put some things in online and then a real live person finishes them for you. We paid more for HR Block, but turns out a real person is smarter than Turbo Tax. Then again, I’ve only done our own a few times, and it’s not like we’ve got any money.

  2. When we were starting out, people used to always tell us to get an accountant. And I would just think, “What? We made 28k last year. And now we have to spend money on an accountant?”

  3. I haven’t started.
    I am scared. Very scared.
    I was going to have someone do them because of the grant and worrying about screwing that up. Now I think Turbo Tax and I will do them, and we’ll get help if the grant becomes a problem. But ask me again in a week. In what sort of a sick world does one have a writing deadline AND taxes due on the same day?

  4. I had someone do mine for me this year and I am glad for it. I got out of the service, changed my residence from FL to VA (that hurt a lot) and started taking classes. Lots going on. I took my state taxes to city hall and someone did them for me. I am REALLY glad I did that because I think I got back more money than if I would have done them myself. I had AARP do my federal taxes and they were very helpful. Not sure if they would know about grants and clergy taxes (i hear they are a bear but maybe that depends on where you are?) The best thing about AARP is they are FREE. And you DON’T have to be a member (translation you don’t have to be elderly). I would highly recommend you see if they are available in your area. And that’s all I have to say about that! πŸ™‚

  5. Yup – between being self-employed with Cleave Design, and having partial state residencies because of moving, and having multiple forms of random income, and (probably most importantly) being lazy……I had no problem paying someone $200 to do our taxes. No problem at all. Mail it off. Get it back. Sign on the dotted line. Write a check.

    No hassle.

    Though I am afraid of getting ordained, because I’ve been told most accountants don’t “get” clergy-tax stuff, and that’s why so many clergy do their own taxes.


  6. I confess that the first thing I did when I became clergy was get an accountant. Mine “loves” clergy taxes (she might be crazy) and also gives a clergy discount–only $100 for all the craziness. It is so worth it to me. Often Presbytery offices have recommendations for similar people who can help you out–you might just call and ask. Just for future reference. πŸ™‚

  7. Turbo Tax was the only way I have been able to do my own taxes for the last 6 years (my oldest son will turn 6 this year–and that is not a coincidence). I don’t have to deal with clergy stuff because I’m not ordained, but I would have to say that Turbo Tax is very user friendly and saves a lot of time.

    Good luck with getting your taxes done.

  8. I actually found my tax help before I was ordained – she’s a member of my sponsoring parish, and I knew she did clergy taxes. Our taxes end up being multi-state and its SO worth the peace of mind to have them done correctly.

  9. Hire someone to do them. The trick is you have to know enough to make sure they’re doing the big stuff correctly (housing allowances, all that clergy nightmare stuff). We decided long ago it was worth our marriage to spend the money to get someone else to do them. Having said that, need to get on them.

  10. Turbotax rocks. It’s even better this year. 80 bucks for the whole thing and 60 of that is deductible. Took me 2 hours with lots of deductions!

  11. I used to do it online, but then decided that it was more work for me than actually doing it the old fashioned way, so I now just do it myself.

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