Web site design


We’re working on our web design. Actually, we’ve been working on it for a while now… but it’s aaaallllmmmooosssst complete.

Here’s what we’ve got that’s interesting:

A podcast link on the first page, so people can download sermon podcasts.
A blog feature for the written sermons, so people can talk back.
A lengthy “What to expect” page that goes over every part of the service (you know, so it’s not so scary if you’ve never been to church).

Hhmmm…. I think everything else is standard.

So, if you had all the expertise in the world, what would you add to your church website? And here’s something we’re always struggling with in our church… what do you think about paypal on church sites?

Oh, and while we’re on the subject of technology, there’s always the ominous underside…. here are three disturbing pieces on facebook.

photo’s by kmevans


8 thoughts on “Web site design

  1. Paypal… what are you planning to use it for? We have a credit card payment option on our site to allow people to register and pay for events and retreats. We don’t have an option for using it for general giving purposes.

    There is part of me that would love to be able to give to the church with my credit card, but one reason for this would be (if I’m honest) the rewards that I get from my card (that’s why I charge everything), yes its also convenient and I like to minimize the number of bills I need to pay each month. But I do think we have to ask the question about motivation in church giving.

    My other concern for cc giving is that it is giving from debt. Even though I pay off my credit card every month, avoiding interest, it is still money that is borrowed from the bank that I only pay back at a later date. I’m not sure that it is wise for a church to raise its funds on “borrowed” money.

    Having said that I support Compassion International and World Vision with my credit card

    Yes, there are positives to offering this option as well, but I think you need to think long and hard about what credit cards are, how and why (motivation) people use them, and the debt load that the average family carries on credit cards.

  2. Yes. It would be for general giving purposes. We have one set up for the Ethiopian Clinic but not for general giving. We haven’t done it, because of the reasons you described. But, we get the request for it so often that I wondered how common it was.

  3. Hmmm….If I was the parent of a youth group member, I would love to be able to digitally sign permission slips, and pay fees for events on the web site. If I was a college student, I’d like to be able to pay my mission trip fee via credit card, rather than finding cash. If I were a totally forgetful 27 year old (or so) person who makes pledges and then fails to pay on them until December when the church ends up with one big lump sum, I’d love to have automatic debit. But I rarely use credit cards, only a debit card, so it wouldn’t be borrowed money for me.

    The facebook stuff is disturbing. Mine is all college chaplain innocuous. I have no personal email addy (just work) and no pictures of college craziness. But I KNOW that if this had been available when I was in college, i would have filled my page with all sorts of nonsense that I would live to regret.

    I avoid those quizzes like the plague–thanks for giving me a legit reason to do so!

  4. I would be very surprised if any casual website visitor would give to a church website by Paypal. Why would they?

    And surely, it is more cost effective for members to give by bank direct debit or standing order, rather than online where a percentage is taken off by the bank!!

    On the wider subject of church websites, we at Internet Evangelism Day have done a
    church site self-assessment tool which I hope may give a few ideas.



  5. My eight-year-old wants games on her parents’ church websites. Simple kid games, weaving through pews or guessing scripture quotes wheel of fortune style. I have no clue how to create or find such a thing, but it would be fun.

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