Sometimes this job’s too hard


I’m aching for my husband this morning.

Because what do you say to families at your church preschool when one of the four year olds never wakes up from a seizure?

6 thoughts on “Sometimes this job’s too hard

  1. Having dealt with persons with disabilities for 20 years, I’ve learned that this kind of horrible pain is never easy. Nothing you say will really heal but everything you say, that’s bathed in prayer, will help. I am praying for you and Brian.

  2. Sending prayers – what a hard thing. My brother died during a seizure – a long sad story. I empathize with your husband, the family and the pre-school families.

  3. So sorry to hear this — I’ll pray for Brian, and for all those bereaved, what a horrible ache. There will be a string of days that just have to be gotten through, one at a time. May God send comfort.

  4. Thanks. Liz, I’m so sorry.

    Of course, the burden of being a pastor in this situation certainly does not minutely compare with being the parents or family…. Thanks for the prayers for all.

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