Aaron Reibe cancer fund


In 2006, 46.6 million Americans had no health coverage. Thirty percent of young adults, from the age 19 to 29, do not have health care in our country. Almost one out of three. That’s a higher percentage than any other age group. We have got to something about the health care system in our country.

Until we do, we’ll need to keep supporting the people we know. Adam Walker Cleaveland at Pomomusings is raising money for Aaron Reibe, a 28-year-old man whose sister, Nicole, is a senior at Princeton Seminary. You can read about Aaron, and his cancer in the Longview (WA) Daily News here. Here’s an update on the surgery. Adam set up paypal on his site, so it’s easy to give. Aaron needs $100,000 so that he can live another fifteen years.

It’s strange. In the article, you’ll learn that we are a country that can spend $50,000 on a card game. Let’s see if we can also be a nation that can find $100,000 to give a man a chance to live until he’s forty-three.


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