Alright, so I’m totally back-logged on work (the cost of a week of continuing ed), but I do have a question for you.

Do you have those junior high dreams–the ones where you’re about to preach, and you don’t have any notes, or manuscript, or anything? Have you ever dreamed that you had forgotten to wear something when you got up in the pulpit?

Let’s hear it.


8 thoughts on “Dreaming…

  1. I have a dream that I have returned to Moody Bible Institute. I am supposed to preach in the chapel or Moody Church. First, I cannot find my shoes, then my robe and finally my sermon. I move around lost (much like Spinal Tap). Finally, I get to the pulpit to find a). that the service is already over b). that I cannot speak.

  2. For me, now that I’m on a staff with more than one pastor, I dream that I’m singing the opening hymn, I look down and realize my name’s on the order of worship. I don’t have a sermon. I don’t have anything. I’m panicked and I’m wishing that I had taped one of Tillich’s sermons into my Bible. Like “You are Accepted.” You know… if you’re not going to be prepared, then maybe the congregation will forgive you if you read Tillich….

  3. I’m actually living it this morning.

    It’s Sunday morning. Guest pastor.
    I have emailed him 3 times. Phoned 3 times on 2 different numbers.

    He’s doing a dramatic rendition about Joseph (husband of Mary) and I was okay when I realized that he’d met with my colleague to choose his costume and practice. BUT … I learned just this morning that actually he didn’t do this.

    So . . . maybe I’m preaching this morning with no sermon. Update to follow.

    Not loving the way this day is starting.

  4. I once LIVED my nightmare. Preaching for an installation service at the college where I first served. Really, truly lost the sermon. FREAKED OUT. Eventually recovered a copy in the trash on the chaplain’s computer where I’d printed it out,and reprinted it, but I was really late to the service, and was in a total tizzy.

    Who knows what this means, but I regularly have a different nightmare now (now that I’ve lived out the lost the sermon one). I repeatedly dream that I’ve been asked to supply preach at a church about an hour away. I get there, and discover that it’s an EPISCOPAL church. I don’t know how I hadn’t known that, or how the person asking me hadn’t known that, but there’s this whole fuss about how I can’t do communion, and we’re running around on Main Street looking for an Episcopal priest who can.

  5. I have that dream all. the. time.
    Usually I’m talking and talking and everyone else is doing something else and not paying attention.
    Then I wake up with a headache.
    J – yikes! Hope it all worked out.

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