The Progressive Christian Voice


You know how agonizing it is to listen to yourself on the answering machine?

Well, at Western Church, we just increased the pain. Western began a sermon podcast. You can get sermons by John Wimberly and me by searching for “The Progressive Christian Voice” at iTunes. Or, you can subscribe here.


3 thoughts on “The Progressive Christian Voice

  1. I used to work in a church that did this. They actually put videos up, too! I have never listened to, or watched myself. I doubt anyone else has either. (Fortunately, I don’t think there are stats kept on the number of downloads. If there were I’d be so humiliated by the 10,000 hits by my mother, and none from anyone else!)

    Hope you’re braver about hearing yourself.

  2. You know, we just hated seeing Joyce Meyers and Joel Osteen as the only options. Eventually, we hope that it won’t just be me and John. We hope to open it up to a whole host of voices.

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