Friday five for the foodies


Since I’m an official RevGalBlogPal now, and not just an avid RGBP reader, I thought I’d join in on the Friday Five:

If you were a food, what would you be?

I’d have to say, I’d want to be a pomegranate. They’re such a beautiful color and they’re incredibly interesting, with their leathery exterior, and their bursting seeds. I remember eating my first one as a kid, after reading about them in Leviticus (okay, so I was a weird kid…) and I was fascinated by their layers.

What is one of the most memorable meals you ever had? And where?

In Thailand, my brother was working at the embassy and our family went to visit him. One time, he took us to a restaurant that was half fish market and half dining. We ordered fresh fish that was cooked in wonderful sauces. He also took us to the outside markets to get fruit. There were so many that I had never tried. I was amazed. There was a fruit that looked like a brown kiwi, and it tasted like brown sugar.

I also can’t forget ordering noodles from the floating restaurants in Hong Kong when I was a teenager. Wonderful.

What is your favorite comfort food from childhood?

Chicken and Dumplings. I’m a Southerner.

When going to a church potluck, what one recipe from your kitchen is sure to be a hit?

Take a pork loin, sprinkle it with salt and pepper. Wrap it in bacon (secure with toothpicks) and let it sit in the refrigerator overnight. Pour maple syrup on top of it and then grill or broil it. If you broil, open all the windows in your house. Remove the batteries from all of your smoke detectors. Keep pouring on the syrup. Assure your neighbors that you’re not on fire and explain that it’s just the maple syrup burning on the bottom of your broiler. When the thermometor gets to the right pork temp, pull it out. It will be fabulous. And, you can feed it to the fire department when they come checking on you.

What’s the strangest thing you ever willingly ate?

Well, I ate a lot of things in South Louisiana…. I never asked for recipes because, I just never knew what the meat actually was, and I liked to keep it that way. It was, by far, the best food I’ve eaten in the United States, so I didn’t dwell on the details.

When I first arrived, I was invited to a swank affair at the country club. I moved in on a conversation between two lovely women who were exchanging recipes. After a few minutes, I realized that the recipes involved cages in their front yards. One woman said, “I used to be sentimental about it, but now I’m not.” And then, I overheard the main ingredient…squirrels.

Bonus question: What’s your favorite drink to order when looking forward to a great meal?

Perhaps the good folks at RGBP were looking for something with more kick, but I love hot tea. In Georgetown, there’s a teahouse called Ching Ching Cha. They have artisan teas that they serve in small glass pots. They begin as small balls and open up into beautiful flowers. I love the Orange Blossom. If you visited the menu, I’ll answer the question that must be buzzing around in your mind: Yes. It is worth $7.50 for a pot of tea.


13 thoughts on “Friday five for the foodies

  1. Welcome to revgals and Friday 5- a great play… Thai food is wonderful, and I love your pork recipie- too expensive over here tho- maple syrup is like gold dust!!!

  2. Great play! I love the pomegranate secret identity — so fecund and gorgeous!

    Sounds like you’ve had a good life in food. My wonderful husband is from the South, and we’ve shared “scary” foods from our home areas (I’m from California, and we have our share, apparently. Who knew?)

    Welcome to RGBP!

    BTW: site looks great.

  3. Welcome to the fun of the Friday Five! Thanks for playing. I want to try your pork recipe. A friend gave me some maple syrup from his farm and there might be just enough left!

  4. I think the top answers for drink were wine or tea so you fit right in. I miss the chicken and dumplings as well from childhood, such a good answer.

    (Oh, by the way, I added your link on my page without your permission. So if you don’t want it there let me know and I will take it off.)

  5. Wyldth1ng,

    Not at all! No permission needed. I’m honored. I’m actually feeling bad about my blogroll right now. There are so many people that I read and have not linked…. Something on my must-do list.

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