I just spent the last few days in the Grand Canyon. My first visit. Amazing.

I assumed that there would be Wi-Fi access in the lodge, and I’d be blogging throughout the trip. But I was wrong. Evidently, the good people at the National Park wanted us to connect with nature. Imagine that!

I did connect.

Now, I’m in the airport, waiting for our plane to board, while my daughter’s eating a scorpion lollipop.

More later….


3 thoughts on “(Dis)connecting

  1. Did you see the payphones? They actually have payphones there since hardly anybody can get a cell signal. They’re an endangered species in Chicago.

    It’s an amzing place, isn’t it?

    My wife and I hiked it this spring as part of a fundraiser for Leukemia/Lymphoma Society.

  2. Yes! A scorpion lollipop. There were a few moments when I was especially proud of my six year old. That was one, another was when she begged to listen to Russian short stories by Pushkin and Gogol: “I don’t know why, but those stories just excite me.”

    Aah…now what’s more thrilling than watching a young child thirst for dark Russian classics?

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