This following Jesus thing has gone too far


It’s been about a week that my site’s been down. I’m not sure what’s going on…I’m going to get someone smarter than me to look into it…grumble, grumble, grumble….

Actually, I can’t grouse too much because we’re home, and one of the best things about getting away is coming home. Home is where the coffee tastes better, the television is in the other room, we can cook our own meals, my cat can shed all her white fur on me, and all the books are on the shelves.

Plus, I’m going to one of my favorite spots this morning to hike. I usually take this trail with my six-year-old daughter, but this morning I’m going with Ann Herlin. See that huge rock? See the tiny people climbing it? C’s been scaling that rock since she was five.

I’m going without C for the first time. She’s pretty upset, but I needed a teensy bit of space after being crammed in the family car for four days. It’s supposed to be a hundred degrees out, but that’s okay. I’ve got my water packed up.

Speaking of water, I’m going through a bit of a dilemma here. I drink bottled water. There. I said it. I admit it. In this semi-public forum, I have to confess it’s my summertime beverage of choice. Instead of coke, or tea, I drink water. I usually get them in the five gallon barrels, which we recycle. I use reusable water bottles.

But my conscience is nagging me.

Our church went on a battle against the bottled water, because of all the petroleum that it takes to make the bottles and then ship them. Plus whenever they do a park cleanup, they collect hundreds and hundreds of the bottles–fishing them out of the lake, salvaging them from the bushes. They’re a public nuisance.

Then there’s this article, which says that our country’s tap water is safe, but it may not continue to be if rich people keep buying bottled water.

Our family recycles, reuses, and shops at thrift stores. We have CFL’s in all our fixtures. We go to the local farmer’s market for all of our produce. I’ve seen the Simpson’s Movie…twice. We’re looking into indigenous plants for our lawn, so we don’t have to waste so much water keeping this ridiculous suburban rug green (we don’t, by the way. It’s now officially brown). We are extremely careful with our water.

But I’m still having a difficult time giving up the Deer Park. The health advantages of water drinking are great, and bottled water tastes really good. And since Americans have begun drinking water, we have curbed our appetite for soda.

So there it is. My conundrum. I will, of course, stop drinking it, because…you know… following Jesus is mostly an amazing thing, which (personally) makes me a saner and better human, but sometimes it calls for a bit of sacrifice. Also, I care for God’s creation and the world in which we live. And I want my daughter to be able to take her children to beautiful places to hike.

But, unlike the other changes, this one’s really hard.


6 thoughts on “This following Jesus thing has gone too far

  1. I use the Brita pitchers and filters, and then pour the filtered water into my own water bottles. I think we all make the efforts where we can. Barbara Kingsolver’s newest opened my eyes, and might influence you; but we all do what we can where we can.

  2. Ann, you’re right. We all have to make the efforts, and the Brita filter’s on my shopping list. I’ve just been surprised at my own resistance to this one.

    I heard a bunch of interviews with Kingsolver, I bought the book (in hardbound even), and then I left it on my desk at work. I won’t be back until the end of the summer. Maybe I can sneak in…in the middle of the night…in black clothing….

  3. Hot days are still nice for walks.

    Anny and I got into Nalgene water bottles years ago at camp. We refill with filtered from our tap and will never, never ever have to toss out one of those things. (We have a collection of about 18 now… not sure why!) I drove over one with a truck once with no breakage! (And dropped one from that rock that C likes to climb if I’m looking at the picture right)

    I drink from the tap at the office, but I’m the only one. I need my water no matter how I get it!

    My suggestion: get a GOOD water bottle (not the flimsy ones that come with water in them) and filter your tap. It costs less and has less impact on the environment.

  4. LOL about sneaking into the office to get your book — DO IT. It’s a great read, but also very informative. And BK’s husband, Steven Hopp, writes some great, informative articles that are spritzed throughout the book. One he writes is about the cost of transporting water. He’s talking about water-filled veggies, like watermelon, vs. the cost of transporting things like dried spices; but the analogy certainly holds true for bottled water. It’s a lot cheaper to transport hundreds of brita filters, than it is to transport tons of water in plastic (petroleum based) bottles.

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