Sssh…don’t tell anyone…


I’ve been tagged by the man who already knows all my secrets. It’s the eight random facts meme:

1. When I was a child, I wanted to be Debby Boone. I would croon into my hairbrush, “SOO ma-ny nights, I sit by my windoooow, waiting for someone to sing me HIS SONG.” Admit it, you want to sing along. Everybody now. “YOU LIGHT UP MY LIFE. YOU GIVE ME HOPE…”

2. In the religious fervor of my youth, I was part of an evangelistic miming troupe. I think I’ve said enough. And we shall never speak of this fact again.

3. I was offered a full math scholarship to a prestigious college. I turned it down to follow my dream of becoming a missionary pilot. After arriving at Moody Bible Institute, I was rejected from the aviation program because I was a woman (this was in the 90s!). Who knew? Evidently, people with my body parts can’t fly Cessnas…

4. I once took a Jainist to a hunting lodge to eat. The taxidermy was abundant. Everywhere. When she didn’t order anything, I offered her a bite of my burger. As we sat under the giant deer head, I wondered why she looked like she was about to puke.

5. I write down all of my dreams. And then I try to figure out what they mean.

6. I laugh so hard at dumb movies, that I make my husband sneak out with me before the credits start running. Actually, I think he usually initiates the fleeing, after he sees the dirty looks from the other theater goers.

7. I fall asleep when guests come over for dinner. It’s embarrassing, but true. One glass of wine, and I’m history.

8. I watch Aqua Teen Hunger Force. In fact, I even have DVDs of entire seasons. I even saw the movie the day it came out. I laughed all the way through it (although I laughed hardest at the first seven minutes). My favorite ATHF character is MC PeePants, because of his stone cold groove. Although, who couldn’t love the meatwad? The PoD’s favorite is Shake, because he says Shake personifies his shadow side…oh, but these random facts are supposed to be about me….

Since I’m probably the very last blogger on the entire earth to receive this tag, and since I’m such a rebel at heart, I’m breakin’ the rules. I’m no longer spreadin’ the love.


8 thoughts on “Sssh…don’t tell anyone…

  1. I’ve seen the mime show. The cost for my silence regarding the mime show and Brian’s dolls shall be chocolate.

  2. D’oh! The chocolate’s in the mail…except…wait a minute. Are you in the position to be black mailing me? I just might know about one or two skeletons lurking in your closet….

  3. I stopped being cool the day I bought a car and asked not a single question about color or stereo, but instead asked a million questions about warranties and safety ratings.

    Yes, it was a mini-van. Yes, we bought the green one. Yes, my son spilled Cheerio’s all over the one we test drove.

    Chocolate’s always good. My kids usually need an energy boost right before church.

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